What to Grow

Don’t know what to grow? There are some suggestions here. You might consult your local seed suppliers for in seasonal greens and make best suitable choices. 

Butter lettuce

A great invention

A Simple solution makes big difference

Looking for right growing medium for your hydro? No need. Just as simple as a toilet paper, no more sponge, no more harm to nature. 

Do whatever you want

Block pots enable you to make different plant arrangement.  

Decomposable medium

You can grow green with just a piece of toilet paper. Easy to obtain and no waste. 

Food grade materials

All plastic parts and circulation tubes are made of food-grade standard materials.

Visible beauty

Indoor sunlight

Advanced and energy-efficient LED technology to provide simulation of solar spectrum light for your leafy green.   

Auto-adjusted position light boards

To provide your greens with enough simulation sunlight at every growing stage. 

Auto-switch day and night

Once the timer is set, it will follow the set schedule to wake up the plants in the daytime and take care of plants sleep well at night.  


Your Green Refrigerator

Pick as you eat, enjoy the most fresh greens from Lucky Tree.  It is your green refrigerator and help you to keep greens always fresh, even the power shout down suddenly, its special tray design can be able to hold the water and keep green fresh for 24 hours. 

760 pots 
only in 
0.78 m2

Only less 1 square meter space needed, you will be satisfied city farmer dreams with Lucky Tree.  

Key Features

Both quality and function, high efficiency and energy saving.

Auto - Irrigation

You don’t need to be green thumb. An invisible gardener will take care plant growth for you. 

Power Saving

Consumed as much power as your eco-refrigerator, with advanced LED lights, completely power saving efficiency. 

Not Affected By Climate

It can grow greens for you. Without any climate restriction, even if you live in desert or in snowy area.


Grow greens without get dirt on hands, what’s more? No worry of eating in possible polluted plants. 

A Large Amount

With Lego-structured pods arrangement, you are able to harvest 760 pods of greens within less a square meter space.  


Invisible personal gardener, taking care of your garden 24 hours per day and when you are away for holiday.