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Flexible choice for growing greens at home



The First-ever Launch


Your personal gardener, take care of your indoor garden 24 hours per day, 365days per year. 

Automatic irrigation

Conduct irrigation automatically, once per hour depend on your setting.

Auto light switching for day and night

Artificial sunlight source (LED) provide the plants with enough light in daytime, and switch automatically at night. 

Auto-detection of plant growth

The light boards auto-detect the plant height and escalate the position according the plan growth stage.  

Don't worry about the weather

Worry about no greens during the  winter? With Lucky TREE ST2, the indoor advanced hydroponic system, you and your family can enjoy greens all year long. 

Multisensory experiences

Too busy for a day? Come near the Lucky Tree to relief your stress by  listening the sound of irrigation, breathing in fresh air.

Simple operation

DIY set up within 15 min. No complicated operation required. Enjoy effortless planting experience.  

Simple steps can be easily operated by anyone.

1. Make Seed Bedding ->
2. Put the seeds ->
3. Add Water ->
4. Plug it back to the Tree and Grow !

How to Grow

The world first
non-waste growing medium.

Spongless, soilless cultivation and no dirt, most importantly, you don’t need to spend a lot on the growing medium.

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Spare no effort to protect the environment

We insist to growing plants without harm the environment. Reduce waste, make all the Lucky Tree reuseable. 

How to Harvest